An Ecstatic Escape From The Hustle And Bustle Of The City

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An Ecstatic Escape From The Hustle And Bustle Of The City

A trip down the memory lane when technology did not have us that engrossed is surely a distant dream. Not anymore! With the Lohagarh farms full of fun games and activities you sure can cherish your roots that lie deep within the rural experiences in all authenticity and seek solitude far away from the everyday life chores of the maddening cities. Find every reason to keep that phone away while you and your kids head out for the journey of a lifetime. Experience the beauty of the rural life of India with serenity where every activity brings you closer to nature and the varied flavors of your soil. Known for the beauty that lies within its villages, let the Indian rural culture, games, and delicacies leave you in utter amazement. Rejuvenate your senses with the folk music and dancing while you unveil the folds of the local legends.


Smart on your budget.

We believe you can only thoroughly enjoy it when you can spend quality time with your family without having to go hard on your pockets. Enjoy all the services we provide at the Lohagarh farms where we have the price trimmed from 690 to 600 for 5-10 years old and 1190 to 1000 for higher age groups. For a memorable experience filled with games and sports, rural activities and adventure activities, you’re sure in for a treat.


The services we provide:

Nothing excites the mind more than well-kept mysteries.  Full of mysteries and exciting games, folklore, and mouth-watering delicacies, the Lohagarh farm offers a wide range of activities that lets you enjoy your rural life with an authenticity that helps you travel back in the time lane. Our rural activity schemes include the likes of bullock and camel cart ride, for the thrill of a lifetime. There are also mild activities like Mehendi, mud bath, charkha and so on. It is also inclusive of adventure activities like commando crawl, Tarzan swing and so on. There are a variety of rural games available like the Gulli danda, kanche, kabaddi, and kushti.

Let the nostalgia hit home and hit hard, swinging back the happiness of the lost days.

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