Best Picnic Spot In Delhi: Lohagarh Farms it is!

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Best Picnic Spot In DelhLohagarh Farms it is

Best Picnic Spot In Delhi: Lohagarh Farms it is!

Spending fun weekends with your family members is what everyone would really look forward to, though that becomes a little difficult with the kind of work pressure we are living with. But what if you find a place to make memories with your loved ones and cherish them for the lifetime. Indeed, we have found out the best picnic spot in Delhi for you! It is always fascinating to explore new places and when the destination is in the lap of nature, no one can just say no for a picnic.

Best Picnic Spot In Delh Lohagarh Farms

The best way is to plan for a picnic together with your colleagues or your family members is to visit Lohagarh Farms, the best picnic spot in Delhi. Amidst the Aravalli Range, you will find the best and phenomenal things that are mesmerizing and will make you drool over your childhood days as well.

Mouth-watering food, vivacious culture, regional dance forms, music & their trends and a lot more, is what makes Lohagarh Farm the Best Picnic Spot in Delhi NCR. Words wouldn’t be enough to justify the magic of Lohagarh Farm, and if you are in search for a well-organized and safe place for the purpose of organizing a school picnic, indeed you have reached your destination. The best picnic spot in Delhi/NCR is situated in the lap of nature and thus, the charm of nature and purity can be felt in the environment itself. What else is required when Lohagarh has it all for the kids, from food to fun activities, from dance to regional music, from playing instructor-led activities to indulging themselves into self-taught basic games. All you need to do is book the tickets right away to experience the bliss.

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