Grab The Ultimate Republic Day Offer at Lohagarh Farms

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Grab The Ultimate Republic Day Offer at Lohagarh Farms

There is no denying from the fact that when you are used to existence, there is nothing that surprises you. But do you know what can be surprising and fascinating for adults and kids alike? Secrets! Lohagarh Farms has one of those best kept secrets that waits for you with arms wide open this Republic day to be your very own wardrobe to the world of astonishment as in Narnia.

Save and Enjoy!

If you are asking why republic day, then answer is the lesser burden on your pocket, Enjoy all the services that we provide at Lohagarh Farms and enjoy your day with our offer price to celebrate constitution’s victory in 1950. We have trimmed the prices from 690 to 600 for 5-10 years old and 1190 to 1000 for people belonging to the higher age group. Everything just to honor the spirit of patriotism and let our visitors feel the aura of pure Indian games, food, and ambiance on this special day.

Services that we offer

We offer an amazing range of services, and hospitality is one of the distinguishing features that we take pride in. Let us describe how the Miiti ka Choolah can do wonders over the fancy grill and serve you delicacies that are taken from all parts of India. Play your favorite sport that lets you sink in the beauty of traditional Indian games and enjoy relaxing and connecting activities like that of charkha, chakki, carom, ludo, lattoo, Gulli danda and much more.

Everything at a price that no one can practically believe in!

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