Let your taste buds feel the “Traditional Indian Delicacies”!

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Let your taste buds feel the “Traditional Indian Delicacies”!

Craving for lip-smacking sarso ka saag, with makai roti or bajre ki khichdi, and gur to wrap the meal? Indeed, one cannot simply resist indulging in delectable traditional Indian local food! On one hand where people are now more inclined towards the packaged and junk food, we, at Lohagarh Farms strives hard to server only organic Indian food, cooked on the ‘mitti ka choolah’.

Today most of the people are inclined towards the processed food that really hampers their health and lifestyle. Consumption of unhealthy food that lack nutrition makes you lethargic and inactive. But contrary to that, Lohagarh farms serves you with the authentic and nutritious food. Here are some of our exotic delicacies that will make you go drool over Indian Food. You can have them at our place while enjoying other activities amidst the lap of nature.
Available throughout the day, we serve you freshly made missi roti, makai roti, bajre ki roti topped with white makhan or desi ghee. To accompany the breads, we have lahsoon chutney, pudina chutney, kadhi and sarso ka saag. Trust me you will love every bite to the core! Bajre ki khichdi is another best served dish and to wrap the meal we have, gud, boora, shakkar, gulgule and choorma.

Indian masala tea and mix pakora make a fantastic and mouth-watering combination! I know you agree. And what’s better than having this combo with your family at Lohagarh Farms? We bring you mix pakoras with Indian tea, and for health-conscious people, we serve them the green tea. Don’t worry, we have nimboo shikanjee and chaach as well that is served all day long. Apart from this, one can have raddish, carrot, sugarcane and boiled sakargandi as a light snack. If you have a sweet tooth, then rabdi jalebi, imarti, kadhai ka garam doodh are definitely for you.

A complete Indian breakfast to start the day. Poori with aloo ki subzi, stuffed parantha & curd along with white makkhan, chutney and pickle; undoubtedly the best combination. One can select from the aforementioned varieties for the breakfast along with tea, halwa or kheer. Have the food and thank me later!

IT’S LUNCH TIME! (01 PM – 03 PM)
By the lunch time you must be very tired after performing so many other activities at the Lohagarh Farms. But we are never really tired to make this one-day trip with your lovely people a special one. So here, we present you a variety of delicacies to select from. Be it the simple aloo sabji, petha sabji accompanied by garma garam poori, tandoori roti, tandoori butter roti, naan stuffed parantha topped with white makkhan, or the exotic shahi paneer, kadhai paneer, rajma, chole, along with lahsoon chutney pudina chutney, veg. raita, we have everything for you. A perfect Indian meal is incomplete without the sweets, so we have rasgulla, gulab jamun to wrap it up on a sweet note.

So, get back to the roots and taste the traditional Indian food, which is the specialty of Lohagarh Farms. It is more than just enjoying the activities at the Lohagarh Farms, we let you uncover the traditional ways of cooking by closely interacting with the local communities, cooks and tasting the same at the moment. Visit the farm with your kids to let them see and experience how traditional cooking and delicacies have continued to occupy a special position in India.


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