• To improve the living standard of the Poor, under privileged people in rural areas by providing them appropriate opportunity & employment.


• To promote, propagate and popularize Indian culture, tradition, Food & rural livelihood.


• To promote and encourage practical work in preventing animal cruelty and provide relief to suffering animals.


• To protect & promote national heritage, culture, traditional arts, food, folk music, dance and handicrafts.


• To promote ecological balance, protection of flora and fauna & agro forestry.


• To promote, popularize and provide training for rural games & sports.


• To organize health awareness & medical camps for needy, indigent, sick, disabled and distressed people.


• To work for women employment & empowerment.


• To emphasize on development of rural livelihood and importance of improved family livelihoods.


• To stop discrimination based on Cast, Creed, Color, Gender, Religion, Faith, Race & Nationality.


• To help the poor and indigent persons in marriage of their daughters by way of cash donations or otherwise and to distribute cloths, foods and other necessities of daily life among the poor, orphans and other indigent persons.


• To empower women by enhancing their contribution to household income by providing them suitable employment.


• To support people engaged in handicrafts work and help them in marketing and selling of their products by providing them appropriate platform.


• Promoting rural dance and music by providing them appropriate platform to perform before general public, guests and visitors and thereby enabling them to supplement their income.


• To strengthen the traditional dance & music culture of India.


• To make the provisions for rural and urban recreational facilities and organizing such recreational activities for general public, guests and visitors, with the object of improving the conditions of life for the persons for whom the facilities or activities are primarily intended.


Indulge in delectable local food and uncover traditions & ways of rural life.