Top Fun Activities to do in Lohagarh Farm

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Top Fun Activities to do in Lohagarh Farm

If you are looking for the best games and sports activity, let’s us tell you Lohagarh farm is offering several fun-filled activities for all age people. Rewind and experience your childhood memory and Enhance your picnic by participating in games and sports activities of Lohagarh farm.

This farm is brimming with lots of sports activities that embrace your inner Tarzan easily. Staying active doesn’t mean to do physical activities daily, rather you come with your family at Lohargarh firm and indulge in all activities.

Here we have listed the best games and sports activity of Lohagarh farm:

  • Outdoor activities: Do you love to play cricket, volleyball, Badminton, wrestling, Tug of war? If yes, then Lohagarh is the best picnic place for you. A memorable picnic is more than eating sandwich and drinks. That’s why this place is overloaded with many outdoor activities – which can be a great workout in itself.
  • Ruler Activities: Soak into ruler culture by participating in ruler activities. Right from the camel ride, bullock cart ride, tube well bath, animal feeding, agriculture activities, pottery painting to mehndi. This farm is overloaded with ruler activities gives you the chance to experience the beauty of cultural values. If You want to escape from the hustle-bustle city life and experience peace of village life then come Lohgarh farm and immerse yourself in the true beauty of village life.
  • Adventure Activities: The reason why we called Lahogarh the best place for games and sports activity in Delhi/NCR it because of their adventure activities. Take a tour of adventure travel in Lohagarh, right from the commando crawl, Tarzan swing, swing Burma, bridge commando net, double rope bridge, rope climbing, rope ladder, and many more. From pleasure to thrill, this place has something for everyone who loves adventure.
  • Instructor-Led Activities: This is one of the most cheerful group activity. If you love to play with the team and easily catch the instruction then come to Lohagarh and immerse yourself in the instructor-led activities. Right from the pass the ring, dragon tail, spider web, stepping stone, blind ball retrieval, ball balance balloon, plank walk and many more. It is worth to say Lohagarh is the most enjoyable and peaceful sit that gives you a truly memorable experience.
  • Team Building activities: Outdoor team building activities are something that reduces stress and add some zest in people life. Lohagarh offers many existing team building activities like a perfect square, five-point star, confined soccer, virtual volley, Pathfinder, human ladder, magic mats and many more. So, if you are looking for a picnic spot that covers all best game and sports activity in Delhi/NCR then Lohagarh farm is your weekend gateway.
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