We all miss the old childhood days, when we had no worries, no competition & no targets. Just plain simple lives with full day of fun and activities. Games and sports were so simple that one needed no costly equipments or special training to enjoy them, unlike today when it is more or less mandatory for every kid to buy costly equipments and hire trainers to enjoy any game or sport.


We at Lohagarh Farms bring the childhood back to you, may be for a day but we promise that you will relive your complete childhood. Alas your old friends won’t be around but that’s not something to be sad about because you will find new childhood friends in your kids. Believe us – that’s the best part of it. You will be in love with your true self and look deep into your roots. You will be happy and proud when you will realize the importance and richness of our traditions and culture.


Lattoo, Pithoo, Gulli Danda
Kanche (Marbles), Gulel, Dart, Air Gun
Kabaddi, Kushti (Wrestling)
Kite Flying, Tug of War (Rassa-Kashi)
Cricket, Volley Ball, Badminton
Trampoline, Carrom Board
Chess, Ludo, Sack Race, Matki Phod
Long Jump, High Jump


Camel & Camel Cart Ride
Tractor & Bullock Cart Ride
Mehndi, Head Massage
Mud Bath, Tube Well Bath
Charkha, Chakki, Pottery
Pottery Art & Portrait Painting
Dairy & Agricultural Activities


Commando Crawl & Tarzan Swing
Burma Bridge, Commando Net
Tent Pitching, Beam Balancing
Cat Walk, Double Rope Bridge
Monkey Crawl, Rope Climbing
Rope Ladder, Hopscotch


Pass The Ring, Dragon Tail
Spider Web, Stepping Stone
Blind Ball Retrieval, Ball Balance
Balloon Race, Trekking, Plank Walk


Perfect Square, Five Point STAR
Confined Soccer, Magic Mats
Vertical Limits, Scout Clap
Virtual Volley, Tube Potential
Path Finder, Human Ladder